Flashback city

Tiqui1999 @, 1/14/2022, 3:27PM(11 days ago) @krort

I know they do not want to sully Brook too much but with rape or attempted rape, that would be throwing Deacon under the bus for sure, do not think they will do that either.

But I too am definitely tired of the same tireless flashbacks .We KNOW Brooke is bothered of WHY she chose that night to drink after years of sobriety. It should be clear as the nose of her face. If all she can determine is that Deacon kissed her and they drank vodka, then that is the answer. And she told Deacon more than once that he was not welcome in her home anymore - he's a big boy I think he can figure it out.

But once again she is leaving her front door open so any dog can come wagging in. And right now Deacon would fit in that category. I am trying for Hope's sake to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he surely is not making that easy.


Ironically, you made me think. The only time I can remember Brooke making s show of locking her door was when she got the security system either before or after she got raped. She'd better not be keeping that key outside the door anymore, either.

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