Steffy's Mindset

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This is nothing new, just my rant of the day for how squirrley Steffy is acting. And if we have to listen to this against "those Logans", for several more months before JMW goes on maternity leave.

That "Logan" is her father's wife, has been for more years that most of us can remember, broken up and back together again. That is HIS choice, not hers. He is old enough and in sound mind and body. And I do recall a number of times that Steffy has made her choice, it did not work out yet she stayed in the game and went elsewhere. She was not listening to anyone else's advice. In fact she would scream bloody murder if they tried to tell her what to do.

Now this is rich. Without knowing a fact but that Ridge and Brooke are having a little kerfuffle which apparently started on New Year's Eve, Steffy tells her dad today that isn't he tired of that. Surely he knows that Brooke has had scandals in the past and she will again, so walk away now. Nevermind what Steffy has done in the past and scandals of whose the daddy, etc. Suddenly it is ok and the thing to do to right that wrong BEFORE it even happens. What planet did she come from?

How many almost mid thirties do you know who acts like this, Bell?


And she's a liar. "If there's something going on with Brooke, we want to help." Sure, you do.

More like "we want to help" push you and mom together, so we can all live in a fantasy la la land together.

And what's with Thomas and the "You go home to Brooke and the Logans."? Who does he want him to go home to? Are the Forrester manipulators all going to move into the cliff house once they break up Brooke and Ridge?

Thomas doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. He ain't never been in no real marriage. :rofl

But I am perplexed. Is Donna there? Katie? Grandma Logan? Did Stephen come back and move in? What the hell?

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