Flashback city

Barbybo, 1/14/2022, 2:56PM(11 days ago) @Tiqui1999
edited by Barbybo, 1/14/2022, 3:00PM

Here we go again flashbacks stink ..over and over and over today again…:drunk

That's so funny! I just went to find your last post about the flashbacks so I could say the same thing. There were like 6 today, weren't there? I mean, instead of "everybody was kung fu fighting," the song should be "Everybody was flaaaash--baccccking...."

It’s getting out of hand it’s eye roll stuff :roll. Wow Deacon was kinda scarey today maybe he shouldn’t be by kids …I thought he was going to rape Brooke you think they would go there? Could Hope or Ridge catch him rapeing her? Your a long time viewer what do you think?

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