The rumor mill on BRIDGE and Hope and Wyatt

Viola, 11/26/2021, 2:33PM(60 days ago) @Lizzy54

But Wyatt is "in love" with the woman who sold Hope´s baby...this shows that he doesn´t care that she sold Beth and looked Hope in they eye for months without telling. How could Hope ever love him again?
I am all for Hope getting a new love if Liam cheated on her again with Steffy, but don´t see any man who could be this new love...I liked Wyatt but he is ruined now by being with the baby seller.
I don´t want Hope with Finn either, then she would have not only the Deacon problem but the Sheila problem too.
Carter is falling in love every five minutes it seems and Zende is in love with Paris...and I don´t see Bell hiring a new character for Hope...:neutral

Well Thomas threatened to kill Flo if she tells Hope anything about Beth. Wyatt is an absolute fool, but Thomas is pure evil in all of this. I am no for Wyatt and Hope and super no for Hope and Thomas. Plus Thomas tried to kill Hope's brother and was daydreaming about all the Logans including Beth being dead so he can have Hope all for himself, Douglas and one more boy.

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