The rumor mill on BRIDGE and Hope and Wyatt

BellaSole ⌂, Bergamo, Italy, 11/26/2021, 12:58PM(213 days ago) @Ilovebizzie

I have a feeling who she is but I won’t say, that wouldn’t be right.

Like I said, I think she’s a fan not happy with the writing and comes up with her own ideas of what is the reason the show isn’t written how she thinks it should be.

I think she also posts wishful thinking.

I don't see that it matters that much. At least it shouldn't. Does the woman not realize that Steffy, Taylor, Brooke, Hope, and all the others don't even exist?

There are characters I don't like, but they are characters. And the writing changes. Well, sometimes. Quinn never pays, that's one constant. I wish it would, but I don't see it happening. :lol

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