The rumor mill on BRIDGE and Hope and Wyatt

CBS03-12, 11/26/2021, 3:04AM(259 days ago) @Viola
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AN never even said that about LOPE. One interviewer asked her who she would want her character to be with IF she was not with Liam. And she answered Wyatt. That was MONTHS ago. She mentionned Zende too. That doesn't mean she doesn't support LOPE. She has been promotting this couple on her instagram since the first day. The triangle with Thomas lasted 2 years and she was defending Lope all alĂ´ng.
No idea where these claims about TK come from. It's been MONTHS since I heard he wanted to take a break from B&B but it was just a gossip and he is still there today, and nothing confirmed about some support extended break. And yes he defeinitely loves working with KKL and BrIDGE.

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