The rumor mill on BRIDGE and Hope and Wyatt

Riley, 11/25/2021, 8:55AM(61 days ago) @BBDownunder- 3 people liked this

For discussion.

This SG person is relentless and just don't quit with her it seems. :drunk

i think goes off interviews with the actors but brings up interesting discussion points

TK has never said in any interview that he wants Bridge to end. So I don't see how selling her own agenda as something TK allegedly wants has anything to do with bringing up interesting discussion points. It's nothing but slander. Just like painting KKL as someone who would push for anything, when all she has ever done was mention that she'd love to have RJ back after she got asked about him.

So what kind of discussion is supposed to ensue from posting this tweet, beyond more speculation about certain actors' preferences? If actors should have more input in the writing in general? If Bridge should be done with? If RJ should come back? If Hope and Wyatt should be revisited? All those questions could easily be asked without quoting a tweet that's more about certain actors than their characters and that has been posted by a person who has a history of making things up and spreading lies.

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