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BellaSole ⌂, Bergamo, Italy, 11/25/2021, 2:36AM(174 days ago) @krort

First, due to circumstances I have to start off with an apology. I saw exactly five minutes when the station broke away to show the verdicts of the Arbrey murder trial. So I chose not to wait for tomorrow or rest of the week with no new episodes and undoubtedly will mention some things that did or did not happen. I will have to try and catch the entire episode from CBS later tonight.Ao again if I assumed some things that did not happen, I apologize.

I am disappointed in today’s show.

I will agree right now that I was tired of that big old
table of Eric’s with everyone, friends and foe, basically singing cum baya, turning to the one on the right and having to say something nice about them when we know some would like to stick a knife in their backs. And the next day it will be back to that, so it is only a temporary reprieve.

But, what from going to that to no Eric at all. And as much as he thinks his ED is cured, he should have plenty to be thankful for and for the press not getting ahold of it and telling the entire world.

I am okay with Brooke and Ridge accepting the baton and putting on their own spread. But for family, where is Donna and Katie, the cackling hens? How could they exclude them, plenty of room today to talk about
whoever they want? What they are only good for babysitting? And no mention of the ones missing, R.J. Bridget and Rick. Did they think of them once to call and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving?

Because it is a 30 minute show, I do know you can’t have everybody in the cast be on. Carter is not family and he has no significant other there, he should be excused. Just throw him a turkey leg bone. Zende is Eric’s adopted grandson, not kin to Brooke so I think even he and Paris should not have been invited and be on their own. Pam and Charlie have always been treated as family and heck they do the cooking so they should be there today. Where was Thomas and Douglas who are truly family?
Of course Hope and Liam should be there, also Steffy and Finn. Jack and Li are in town alone on this special holiday so seems Brooke could have invited them both. Jack would decline and maybe only Li would come. She deserves to be around her new family.

Instead we get to see the also rans, Sheila and Deacon getting their heads
together to see how to make the best of the situation and get back in Hope and Finn’s good graces. Speaking of which, someone better watch out for Deacon’s duffle bag and where he is staying. Yesterday when Jack came to Sheila’s door and just barged on in there was no sight of
Deacon or any of his belongings so hard to think that he is still renting
a place on her couch. But I guess for their little celebration now, they are roommates. And I hate to admit this as the two least desirable people on this soap, but I actually like them together. It's better than all the bickering, catfights, smacking, punching, I'd even like to see the two of them really start to have serious romantic feelings for each other. There, I've said it

Gobble, Gobble.


I hate the hypocrisy of the Thanksgiving episodes and don't watch them. I don't even celebrate Thanksgiving since I'm Italian, even though I'm usually in LA in November. But, thanks for the rundown. I'll stick to cartoons with my kids. There are, after all, six of them, and only one of me, and one husband, of course. We are no match. :lol

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