Please don't do this to Deacon already!!

Tiqui1999 @, 10/14/2021, 4:08PM(50 days ago) @AmazingHope

Here we go:

- He drinks the second he's out of jail. Great start!
- He can drive to a bar, but can't pay the tab.
- How does he get gas?
- How did he even get a vehicle?
- He has no place to stay, but he's trying to pick up women?!

You would think that he would have held off on seeing Hope until he was in a better position.
This isn't "putting your best foot forward".
Is Ridge right...is he going to ask Hope for money soon?
Gawd I hope not. This is brutal so far!

Thank heaven Deacon is so cute & funny, but he's already breaking my heart. I really wanted him to get it together this time.

He probably had money in his pocket when he got out of jail. They give you back what was in your pocket. Maybe that got him Ubers to Hope's and to the bar. But you're right about the rest. Maybe he even had a modicum of cash in the bank still....who knows, but not enough to live on.

He brought a bag into Brooke's cabin, so I assumed he thought he was staying there.

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