So what should the writers do with Wyatt?

Barbybo, 10/14/2021, 5:47AM(50 days ago) @BellaSole
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There are no spoilers that mention Wyatt at all. Or Felony.

I say bring back Ivy with his four year old daughter. Have Ivy try to be with him, get him to call off his wedding to the horrible Logan. They probably won't have AB returning though, but I am fine with a recast.

I can't believe I miss Wyatt but I do. I like Darin and want him and Thomas, to have new romances and stories for next year. We need some new young women. Get rid of Paris and Flo, and start over with at least four women besides Hope and Steffy in the late 20s-30s age group.

I don't miss Wyatt at all, though I don't want DB to leave the show. I like Quinn having a grown son and Liam a brother. I don't want to see Flo, though. They need to drop her and hire someone else. I was never that fond of Ivy, so I don't care if it's her. Just anyone but Flo.

It’s a shame wyatts been backburned ….:cry. When he was with Hope he was a upbeat guy I mean that tent on the beach him and Hope they were a happy go lucky couple …almost normal…and Wyatt actualy works …maybe he needs a story minus flo but how does she go away they are stuck like glue I think he digs her short skirts …must like the sex….maybe she gets pregnent and her and Wyatt have a baby storyline …but we got enough babies jmo

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