was that a setup?

PatriotGirl @, 10/13/2021, 8:02PM(409 days ago) @Grannysmith

No …he got the sale info on his phone…he could not have made that happen just when Paris was there. What I don’t know is this sublet paperwork since that would state the rent…Thomas said he’d cover it…she said no she will pay her way because she’s so fortunate…suddenly….not before when Zoe left…but now she is…anyway…how can she pay what Thomas paid for the place? Granted it isn’t much of a place by Forrester and Spencer standards and it had been Vinny’s before so maybe the rent is manageable.

She should have plenty of money stashed from her free summer in Malibu to help cover the rent at Thomas’ apartment for a while. But don’t leases normally have a policy allowing a renter to cancel within the first 24 or 48 hours of signing which would allow her to bow out gracefully and let Thomas keep the apartment. :neutral

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