So what should the writers do with Wyatt?

Brenda fan, 10/13/2021, 7:18PM(6 days ago) @hopeyougogirl

There are no spoilers that mention Wyatt at all. Or Felony.

I say bring back Ivy with his four year old daughter. Have Ivy try to be with him, get him to call off his wedding to the horrible Logan. They probably won't have AB returning though, but I am fine with a recast.

I can't believe I miss Wyatt but I do. I like Darin and want him and Thomas, to have new romances and stories for next year. We need some new young women. Get rid of Paris and Flo, and start over with at least four women besides Hope and Steffy in the late 20s-30s age group.

Personally, I couldn't careless about Wyatt or felony Flo. But since Ivy was brought up here..I don't want her to return..NOT after the way Bell used and abused this character..I thought it was beyond ridiculous that Bell made her be Steffy's wedding planner after nasty bully Steffy came back (in 2015) cha cha chased Ivy's boyfriend and purposely sabotaged Ivy's happiness like she did Hope's. :puke

Ivy rolled over and played dead. The same way Flo expected Sally to do for her. I wanted Sally to tear her a new one. Ivy let Steffy bully her, but that's not why Livy ended. They did because Liam feelings for Steffy were much stronger, and he should been honest about that fact when Steffy returned. He did his usual I don't know what to do stuff.

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