So what should the writers do with Wyatt?

Momoffour, 10/13/2021, 6:33PM(104 days ago) @Brenda fan

I get the point, but they need females who the audience likes. I actually liked Paris when she started, but the holier-than-thou attitude while being written into several stories as the other woman turned (while having every character act like she’s the second coming) has made her incredibly unlikable. Bring back Maya or Nicole. They have great supporting actors for their on-screen family. I can’t imagine they ever envisioned Katrina as a long-term character and saddled her with the name Flo. Regardless, the character has a tiny (non-existent?) fan base.

Cut your losses and release Paris, Flo and Shauna and invest in new actors and writers.

I would accept Ivy or another new character with ties to the core families (what about her older sister Jessica’s daughter)? Or how about one of Sheila’s daughters?

There are so many options. I wish they would give us characters we could root for instead of

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