So what should the writers do with Wyatt?

Brenda fan, 10/13/2021, 4:15AM(104 days ago) @Cashew

Although they are both still on contract, Darin is currently in Utah working on a series for Apple and Katrina also has a new project.

Darin looked for other work because this year has, been his most free time in eight seasons. Because he has a crate around his neck in Flo. I have to echo soap central sentiments here, if they don't start writing for him either he will exit the show. Or they will drop them both and claim it was due to writing.

When they won't do what needs to be done. Let go of KB. If she has other projects that's good, she probably won't even miss the check. DB just had a daughter, and has another kid on the way next year! It's not Wyatt that's the problem it's her!

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