Please don't do this to Deacon already!!

AmazingHope @, WONDERLAND, 10/12/2021, 10:23PM(7 days ago)

Here we go:

- He drinks the second he's out of jail. Great start!
- He can drive to a bar, but can't pay the tab.
- How does he get gas?
- How did he even get a vehicle?
- He has no place to stay, but he's trying to pick up women?!

You would think that he would have held off on seeing Hope until he was in a better position.
This isn't "putting your best foot forward".
Is Ridge he going to ask Hope for money soon?
Gawd I hope not. This is brutal so far!

Thank heaven Deacon is so cute & funny, but he's already breaking my heart. I really wanted him to get it together this time.


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