Is this Carter?

Tiqui1999 @, 9/15/2021, 2:26PM(511 days ago) @Grannysmith- one person liked this

I am guessing the harshness against Carter is because he was always the good guy and this change is sudden. I have not excused him…I’ve said he was wrong. I simply said basically all the adult characters are flawed and many have done similar things. I guess because Carter seemed always to be the good guy, this failure on his part is, for many, inexcusable, unforgivable and he is unredeemable.

What I know is that some characters will never ever get any forgiveness, slack or understanding. It's all u to the individual viewer how they feel about these characters. For example, Brooke could become a devote nun and still never get sympathy or understanding. Some like Steffy can murder and still be supported. It's all up to individual viewers how they want to feel.

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