Is this Carter?

q, 9/15/2021, 10:27AM(440 days ago) @Grannysmith

Wow that’s strong. Carter actually loves Quinn. He did not keep his word to stay away from Quinn as a condition of keeping his job because he loves her and because he was willing to give up his job …he wanted the world to know they were together. He had every reason to believe Quinn was soon going to be unmarried. Should he have quit his job first…not agreed with Eric’s proviso…and should he have waited until the divorce was final to be with Quinn again? Yes. But like all of the adult characters he is flawed. If we hate and condemn every character who has gone horribly wrong in this show, we will be left with Douglas, Kelly, Beth and maybe Hope. She’s been fairly straight laced.

What is there about Quinn that Carter fell in love with her after one night of dog in heat sex? He hardly had any contact with her before that. He knew about the evil hurtful things she does. I find it hard to believe one night of sex changed all that.

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