The Damndest Thing I've Ever Seen

viennagirl @, 9/15/2021, 4:00AM(11 days ago) @BellaSole

Finally watched the episode as opposed to just reading about it and the scenes were the damndest thing I've ever seen on B&B. I genuinely felt bad for Eric. He's crushed that he can longer please his wife in the bedroom in spite of how deeply he loves her. He thinks he's being selfless by turning his marriage into a thoruple and inviting Carter in to satisfy Quinn. Quinn was understandably shell shocked that Eric didn't consult her first. The back and forth between her and Eric about her being willing to give up that part of her life and him not wanting her to was gut wrenching to watch. I'm glad Carter stood up for himself and while I see the way it looks with Eric asking a black employee to satisfy his wife, it's not a racial thing. It's about the fact that Quinn and Carter have feelings for each other. Now Quinn has a lot given that Eric is giving her permission to sleep with Carter. I was speechless seeing Eric walk upstairs and leave Quarter alone in the living room. All three actors deserve Emmy nods for those performances.

Hi, they were all great, the look on Quinn’s face was priceless I saw her pain....I don’t think any viewers thought carters black do my bidding ..I don’t think many views even think that way anymore it’s 2021 ....nice thread gal;- I think carter thought Eric was nuts a age thing too he felt bad for Eric, he has the sex he’s no longer a fav to’s getting to sleezy for me now.......carter does it I will be disgusted he goes on my liam list ..thumbs down...Eric does ditz Donna the old guys on my list list is getting pretty long....I understand we’re getting new characters can’t wait my wish not related ...too bad Jack and li were walk ins ..that was fast..

then clearly you haven't seen the outrage on social media from the black audience

Oh, I agree. BB chose a black man for a reason, and not a good reason.

I think they have chosen Carter for a reason, but I don't think it is the color of his skin.

If such a writing is seen as racist, it will be even more difficult for black actors to get relevant SL's on B&B, when they mainly do affairs, triangles between families, employes.

The B&B cast is too small. They could have paired Quinn with Charlie (and written Pam off).
It would still have been an employe and friend betraying boss Eric with Eric's wife.

We might all wonder why Quinn would have turned to Charlie,
but at least we wouldn't have fans seeing it as "racist", just as inappropriate.

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