What the Logans Did Today was Disgraceful

Tiqui1999 @, 9/15/2021, 1:34AM(11 days ago) @takerkid

Brooke started the fight by walking up into Quinn's house and threatening her marriage. Quinn finished it by undermining Brooke's marriage. Was it right? No but Brooke wanted a fight so Quinn gave her one.

Quinn started it by giving Ridge a picture of her in bed with Bill, so that Ridge would chase Brooke down across the world. Quinn continued it when she refused to let Deacon be Brooke's AA buddy because Quinn is a jealous wife and wouldn't even let Shauna have martinis with Eric. Quinn then proceeded to kiss and make out with Brooke's fiance and ruin Brooke's expensive ass wedding in Australia -- while Quinn was married to Eric, no less.

Quinn proceeded to then sic her friend on Brooke's marriage. And not liking it, Brooke told Eric to leave Quinn. In response, Quinn wants to spike drinks, expose kisses (even though Brooke did Quinn a solid by not telling Eric Quinn kissed Ridge), send Ridge to Vegas, and then trick Brooke and Ridge out of their marriage. She then orchestrated a whole new wedding to seal the deal.

Quinn's a jealous bully, and Brooke has every right to go after that woman.

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