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Tiqui1999 @, 9/15/2021, 1:10AM(11 days ago) @BellaSole

Carter and Quinn are very shallow and disgusting...how Could they possibly have sex after poor Eric tells them it's only because he's unable to and how much he loves that nasty witch Quinn that he doesn't want her not to be physically satisfied....and after all the years of treating Carter like family the fact that after hearing that from Eric he can still go after Quinn like a dog in heat is completely and totally disgraceful and disgusting. I for one hope when Ridge finds out he boots them both out of the company for good and they can go live disgracefully ever after elsewhere.....yuck:puke

It was erics idea open marriage it’s not ridges business should gramps be fired for offering the deal?

It's not really an open marriage, Barb. In an open marriage, Eric and Quinn would be free to pursue anyone they wanted sexually. They aren't. This is just Eric giving his permission to Quinn and Carter to get it on. It's sicker than sick. :puke

That's true, and if I heard Carter correctly, or maybe it was Eric, it was for ONE NIGHT.

I'm confused now. :neutral

Sorry, it was both of them. I think you've seen that in the other thread I made about this one night topic by now. Eric and Carter both made mention of it being "one night," but it's still an open question of whether it was just one night only. Or one night at a time, rather.

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