Quinn and Carter Were Stellar Today

matisse, 9/14/2021, 11:42PM(11 days ago) @takerkid- 2 people liked this

Quinn in particular ran the gamut of emotions from stunned at her husband's proposition, to touched by his selflessness, to torn between her feelings for Carter and what she perceives is the right thing to do by Eric. You could see it all. Carter had just as much running through his head. That last shot with Quinn in bed thinking about Carter while Carter sat on the stairs thinking of her was expertly shot. I really felt for all parties involved because Eric honestly believes this is best solution to the situation.

As always, the acting was great, and per usual, the characters are trash. Carter and Quinn are gutter trash. There is no white-washing, no excuses, no star-crossed BS, they are lying, cheating pieces of dung. They hosed over a really nice man. They did it over and over and over, all because they are immature and self absorbed morons. They were horny, nothing more, nothing less, and they created this whole mess they are in now. Eric did not create this mess, Quinn and Carter did by betraying a man that was nothing but good to both of them. It is foul. If they had managed to act like grown-ups and control their libidos, then none of this would be happening because Eric did not have a sex issue until he found out Quinn was banging the hired help. In fact, Quinn should not even bat an eye at Eric telling her and Carter to get it on again, Eric already PAID Carter to screw her, he just did not know it. Now he does. LOL. And we are wondering WHY he has ED, personally I think it is amazing that the man would even CHANCE trying to stick it in her again after what she pulled. He has to be worried about STD's. She did have a fling with his son when they were first married, and now she is banging the help. Maybe it is time for Quinn to head back to Vegas and get a job at The Bunny Ranch.

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