Quinn and Carter Were Stellar Today

BellaSole, Bergamo, Italy, 9/14/2021, 9:47PM(12 days ago) @Barbybo- one person liked this

Quinn in particular ran the gamut of emotions from stunned at her husband's proposition, to touched by his selflessness, to torn between her feelings for Carter and what she perceives is the right thing to do by Eric. You could see it all. Carter had just as much running through his head. That last shot with Quinn in bed thinking about Carter while Carter sat on the stairs thinking of her was expertly shot. I really felt for all parties involved because Eric honestly believes this is best solution to the situation.

Carter needs a new girl enough of this looney

Yes, Carter needs a young, gorgeous woman who can give him the family he craves. Enough with dried up, menopausal Quinn.

Liam and Hope, B&B's most beautiful couple.

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