Jumped the Shark

Barbybo, 7/22/2021, 7:40AM(688 days ago) @sunkeeper

This whole Paris thing is so ridiculous. First off, the baby cried for all of 15 seconds and when he didn’t want the bottle Steffy was flustered…this is her second baby! She’s flustered? Then Finn takes the baby for 10 seconds and he doesn’t yet settle so of course Paris has to save the day…cue another singing opportunity. She’s eyeing Finn, she’s eyeing Malibu, apparently she works for FC for free so she lives out of her car because she cannot find any place in ALL of LA to live…really? At least sleep in the office and use the showers they have for the gym and sauna. It’s just a completely ridiculous storyline. I wish they’d get rid of Paris. She’s been obnoxious (for me- I know many love her) since Day 1. It’s just an awful storyline. Putting this silliness against the interesting Quinn/Carter storyline is just so out of whack.

What the heck is wrong with Finn's place? He said early on he lived not far from Steffy, she'd still have Malibu and a place to herself. Makes no sense at all, it's stupid.

Good thinking yea he has a home down the street guess writers forgot they wrote that:lol. Are you new if so welcome;-)

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