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I didn’t say she schemed. I said she went after as in she asked for them. She specifically wanted those shares for a specific reason. Why does anyone assume the word scheme when I never used the word scheme.

The phrase “go after” has the implication of scheming to get something. For example Brooke is going after the Co CEO position. She is scheming to get it.

The specific reason that Steffy wanted the shares, per her words, was for stability for her and her daughter. A worthy thing to desire, IMO.

I don't see how it provides stability when the others can out vote her. She needs 51% for stability, and I don't see that ever happening.

That's my issue too.

In 2010 Taylor gave Steffy all of Taylor's shares.
Steffy then owned 25% - > being on equal terms with Ridge, Stephanie and Eric.

Still Ridge as CEO had been able to "fire" Steffy and to forbid her to enter FC (even when she owned 1/4 of it).


Bill's shares in 2018 were supposed to get Steffy security that something like that wouldn't be able to happen again?

How would that work?
What is the amount that makes someone "safe"?

With Bill, we had Bill still owning 49% of SP, Katie owning 1%, Karen 50%,
and Bill got fired as CEO and had to leave the building when Katie and Karen voted their shares together and had a majority 51 vs. 49.

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