Does Carter know about Ruinn?

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Does Carter know about Ridge and Quinn and their little "love fest" back when she was first married to Eric? If so, WTH is he thinking now? He would know that Quinn is a habitual cheater.

Not 100% sure about that.

Eric in 2017 has called Carter and had Carter set up divorce papers that
- her working contract instantly ended (Q. being fired)
- would include a restraining order against his wife (Q. not being allowed to enter the Forrester home or FC from then on)
- Q. getting zero money from their marriage
- Q. not being allowed to use the Forrester name

In front of Carter Eric tested Quinn's words and that she regretted that she had hurt him, that she had changed.
When Q. had signed that divorce agreement (August 7, 2017), we had Eric ripping that agreement apart and telling Carter that it wasn't necessary anymore to file it.

Carter would have had to wonder why Eric would have wanted such a divorce agreement and how Quinn had hurt Eric so much.

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