Quinn Walked Away

BellaSole, Bergamo, Italy, 7/22/2021, 2:22AM(13 days ago) @Lizzy54- 2 people liked this

Having an affair with Carter is certainly not the worst thing Quinn ever did...still it puzzles me how Carter could fall in love with a woman who is a full-fledged criminal...even if some of her crimes never came to light he must remember how she kidnapped Liam and kept him in a cabin for weeks, practically raping him...or her recent shenanigans with Shauna to trick Ridge into a marriage; they also duped Carter then.
And now he sings her praises how wonderful and decent she is?:roll

That is weird. I can see Carter maybe liking her if she were a decent person, but she's not even a good criminal. Just a psycho.

She is manipulative. I think she was lingering outside the door, not because she's heartbroken, but because she was waiting for Carter to open it again. I guess he came to his senses and decided he'd better go in to work.

Liam and Hope, B&B's most beautiful couple.

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