Go to work, Carter!

BellaSole, Bergamo, Italy, 7/22/2021, 2:18AM(14 days ago) @Tiqui1999

Carter is so messed up. He can't even keep his word and go to work. It doesn't look like he can handle any relationship forbidden or not. And the plot is right back where it started with people guessing who Carter is with rather than moving one step forward to asking if it's Quinn?

Hard to believe we are back to square one on this affair, but now, there's nothing to lose. Just tell the truth and quit your job, Carter.

I don't get the angst at this point. Carter has always been a bad picker of women, and he disrespects relationships. He went after Zoe while she was with Thomas and asked Maya to hook up when she was married to Rick, so I guess Carter doesn't repsect relationships or boundaries anyway. No surprise.

If he had any respect for boundaries and relationships, he wouldn't have been sexing Quinn today and would have gone into his job. Or, he would just man up and tell Eric the truth, that he can't keep his hands off Quinn. But I guess he thinks he can have his cake and eat it, too.

He’s a man it’s just a job love quinn then quit

It's not just a job. It is his career. It's his life. A position he worked hard for and earned trust and respect for. He's expected to give it up for a roll in the hay for a woman who can't give him anything but sex?

Quinn made the same case, but Carter said yesterday that Quinn was worth all that. So if he feels that way, he must look at it like a summer job at McDonald's. :neutral

He should have no trouble quitting then, so he can keep his ethics and give Quinn his full attention, but we know it won't go that easily. They'll continue to sneak around till they get caught.

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