In one word...UGH!!!!

BellaSole ⌂, Bergamo, Italy, 7/22/2021, 1:52AM(340 days ago) @Tiqui1999

Just caught up on the last 2 day's of The Bold and the Beautiful and the only words that come to mind are....Strange,Nauseating and Oddly boring:sleep...the only thing I really found ridiculous was that they couldn't put Carters absence and the fact he was obviously with a woman together and realize it was Quinn :oh....guess Eric never saw her in that wrap around frock before :roll ....but I woulda thought blood hound Brooke would have been all over that....JMO!!!!

Yes that was really stupid that they just assumed he wouldn't be banging her again because he said he would not. LOL. What the hell do they think he is doing, running around LA picking up women on a daily basis. If that were the case, why would he have hopped on top of Quinn, or better yet, wouldn't that kind of make him the male s*** who took advantage of Quinn?

Right. Think about that. Carter is already sleeping with another woman, that would mean he didn't even give a damn about breaking up Eric's marriage over sex. It's just bad either way you slice it. Carter's coming off sleazy either way.

Carter has become sleazy. He's about one step away from irredeemable.

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