So, how soon

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Before Carter fills that vacant Attorney position at Spencer. And Ridge is going after Bill with the lil sword necklace. Maybe this will be interesting.

I think it was BellaSole, who asked if Bill would really want Carter as a lawyer. Carter isn't like Justin. I'm hoping the show doesn't swap them like they are just interchangeable pegs.

I am surprised not to see more of Bustin and Ridge, though. Maybe it's coming.

Hi Tiqui, I said I didn't think Bill would hire Carter because Carter isn't a fixer. Carter still has the remnants of a conscience, and the remnants are way too much for him to function as Bill's legal counsel. (Although Quinn could turn Carter into a machine like her, who only things of "number one.") And yes, Bill hates Quinn, as does Liam. No way would they want Carter at SP unless there are no other attorneys available in LA.

I think after this Quinn and Carter SL is over, LSV will be dropped to recurring status, if he isn't on recurring already. There's just nothing for him to do unless Eric is stupid enough to forgive him, and even that wouldn't require more than recurring status.

Carter and Quinn may be a hot couple for some now (not for me, but I am in it for the fallout), but their sex scenes grow weaker each time we're exposed to them, like a disease.

Liam and Hope, B&B's most beautiful couple.

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