Jumped the Shark

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That’s Shauna’s spot lol!

Is she still in the guest house. Well, there are 2 bedrooms in that house, so she and Paris can be roomies. LOL. I don't understand why Shauna is still there, considering she covered for cheating, lying Quinn with lies of her own. I like Shauna, but I doubt a cuckolded husband would really want his cheating wife's bestie living on his property.

I think Bell has already forgotten that Shauna was staying at the guest house lol. He could've simply just have Eric say to Paris..you need a place to stay, you are welcome to stay at the guest house.

Quinn got Shauna to leave the guest house back when she and Quinn made up. Quinn was so worried Shauna was trying to sleep with her man. Wonder why...projection anyone? And Shauna had her last martinis with Eric and got him to take Quinn back.

I don't think Quinn asked Shauna back to the guest house after that, but they have not said where Shauna has been living, either. That's my recollection, unless someone remembers differently.

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