Brooke talking about quinn

Tiqui1999 @, 7/21/2021, 6:18PM(14 days ago) @Barbybo- 2 people liked this

She’s the one with the sleezy past...she seems to forget her oopsies ...she should shut up...Eric and ridge know her history ...pot kettle it’s too weird ..she forget her sleezy past look at Hope:tv4 or Bridget and katie she hurt so many

I completely disagree with this. Quinn has a sleazy past and Quinn has forgotten her "oopsies" as she continues to try to point out Brooke's kiss with Bill. So Brooke has every right to talk about Quinn, who forgot this isn't the first time she "oopsed" on Eric and with his son no less. Eric and Ridge might now Brooke's history, but they know Quinn's also, and this SL is about Quinn's newest "oopsie," not Brooke's anicent history.

Brooke hurt people, but people hurt Brooke, too, so it's all in the wash. Quinn has hurt almost everyone on the show, and I don't blame anyone for pointing it out, whether it's Brooke or not. If no one could speak about anyone because of their past, this show would be a silent movie.

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