Brooke talking about quinn

matisse, 7/21/2021, 5:48PM(14 days ago) @Barbybo- 8 people liked this

She’s the one with the sleezy past...she seems to forget her oopsies ...she should shut up...Eric and ridge know her history ...pot kettle it’s too weird ..she forget her sleezy past look at Hope:tv4 or Bridget and katie she hurt so many

Brooke hasn't done a thing in years. That is old news. What is new is Quinn laying up with Carter while her husband was waiting for her at home. And, Steffy having another "who is my daddy" baby. As far as all the old stuff goes, Katie and Bridget got their revenge on Brooke. Bridget made out with Brooke's fiancee and slept with Brooke's husband, claiming to be pregnant by him. Katie slept with Brooke's fiancee and busted up their wedding with a fake illness. And as far as Eric and Ridge knowing her history, yup, and she knows THEIR history. And their history is none too savory either.

So, given that Quinn was mawing all over Brooke's fiancee Ridge, long before Brooke had a beef with her, and considering that Quinn cheated on Eric with 2 different men while married to him, one being his own son. I think Brooke is way within justification of calling that flying hag what she is, a bitter jealous witch who they are all better off without.

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