Brooke talking about quinn

BBDownunder, 7/21/2021, 5:36PM(14 days ago) @TeamWivyQueric

My favorite Brooke line of the day was “I think she just gets bored.” Like Brooke doesn’t know there were factors driving Quinn such as the cold shoulder from her husband who was claiming to have forgiven her, or his constant defense of Brooke whether Brooke is right or wrong.

Meanwhile speaking of bored....Brooke literally just tried to convince her husband to replace his daughter with her “temporarily” as co-CEO. Brooke theoretically already has a job at Forrester (resident busybody if nothing else), grandchildren, her precious Ridge, a daughter and son-in-law who won’t move off her property.....for what reason does she need to be co-CEO? Oh wait! Maybe....she’s just BORED

yeah that is so wrong, she is a cunning witch!

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