SOD Early Editions (Spoilers)

BellaSole, Bergamo, Italy, 6/12/2021, 7:09PM(53 days ago) @Freya

Where is this village?

Brooke and Ridge are seen once in a while because they are Hope's mother and step-father.
Thomas is Ridge's son, and Vinny was his best friend, so naturally, he's part of the story.
Zoe and Paris don't seem to care about Hope or Liam.
Shauna and Quinn don't seem to care about Hope or Liam. Eric doesn't, either. Heck, he doesn't even seem to care about Steffy, his granddaughter.
Wyatt cares about his brother, but Flo seems to have no opinion.
Finn doesn't seem interested at all.

Only Steffy is inserting herself in the SL with Liam and Bill. She just cannot stay away from Liam. She needs to prove to herself that she can still get and keep his attention. (I guess we're really going to have to wait to see how the scene plays out, but I'm suspicious of Steffy's motives because she's emotional. Liam has a wife to fill that role.)

This has been a Hope and Liam SL for a long time, and ratings keep going up. So, in my humble opinion, it doesn't take a village, or anyone, really, to make Hope and Liam interesting.

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