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Totally agree with you. Steffy hasn't moved on from Liam at all. One word from him and it would be "Finn who?" Steffy is just using Finn.

Well, it wouldn't surprise me to see Finn blames Liam only..when finds out that his fiance willingly went to jail to see Hope's husband. Finn is a wimp who won't stand up to Steffy.

what is the big deal here? Liam is Kelly's father

Exactly. They're tied together forever and Kelly's dad being in prison is Steffy's business.

That doesn't mean they ever even need to see each other. Plenty of parents on here have successfully raised their kids seprately from the other parent. They are co-parenting, but it doesn't mean she has to physically see Liam in person.

Why would they not ever need to see each other again? Their families are too intertwined. Liam's wife is Steffy's stepsister. Does one couple get invited to parties or weddings but not the other? Maybe Hope should find a job at another company so Liam will have no reason to walk into FC ever again and heaven forbid....run into Steffy alone in the CEO's office. :gasp

No one said never see each other again, but Steffy doesn't need to go out of her way to make a prison visit, but JMW did say Steffy was co-dependant on Liam. So it makes sense why now.

Which means Liam is dependent on her too. So I'll bet he's happy to see her.

It doesn't mean that. Not by definition of co-dependency, it sure does not. And JMW doesn't speak for Liam.

But even if she does --- Yeah, let's just say she does for debate's sake....What does it have to do with the reason Steffy goes to the jail? Liam can't make her go down there. She goes down there because she is co-dependent, just like JMW said.

And for the record, since many responding to me keep trying to divert to the fact that JMW said Liam is co-dependent, I already told everyone that. I've done nothing for an entire year but talk about how sleazy Liam is, how much he wants to have it both ways in both houses. So it's no surprise to me at all that JMW calls him co-dependent. And it also doesn't explain why Steffy is co-dependent.

A person can be co-dependent on someone who is NOT co-dependent upon them. Please research that cause it's completely true. It's important that everyone understands the meaning of that mental problem. It isn't a complimentary relationship that both people feel. Often STALKERS are co-dependent upon their prey, for an extreme example.

So whereas Liam might be "happy to see her," it's still a disfunctional relationship. Steffy is still co-dependent upon him, and that might be a problem for SINN, according to JMW. And her co-dependency is the reason she does to see Liam -- not Kelly, at least according to JMW. :cool

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