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hopeyougogirl, 6/11/2021, 3:46PM(107 days ago) @apbas88

Totally agree with you. Steffy hasn't moved on from Liam at all. One word from him and it would be "Finn who?" Steffy is just using Finn.

Well, it wouldn't surprise me to see Finn blames Liam only..when finds out that his fiance willingly went to jail to see Hope's husband. Finn is a wimp who won't stand up to Steffy.

what is the big deal here? Liam is Kelly's father

Is Kelly hurt? Steffy only needs to speak to Liam when it's something to do with Kelly and that's it. They are co-parents only.

they need to work out how to tell kelly liam is in jail if it comes to that. i think it is very reasonable

She's also engaged to be married to Finn. I wonder if Finn even knows she went to see Hope's husband. :whistle

Hope's husband is Kelly's dad. And I dont think Finn would be worries about that at all.

The spoiler said an emotional issue is that she's probably still in love with Hope's husband while engaged to Finn that she claimed to love. I find her Liam visit unnecessary to be honest.

It's totally unnecessary. She just can't stay away from Liam.

To give him pictures of Kelly? To talk about how Kelly is doing? Don't forget - Steffy and Liam are friends too. As long as Steffy doesn't get involved with Liam's case, she is not crossing any boundaries.

Except, she just had cheating sex with him not that long ago, AND she's engaged to someone else....she really should stay away from him. Liam is certainly not her obligation. And if she's so itching to see him, then have her fiance Finn go with her.

I see no itching to go going on!! Obligation?? As Kelly’s mom she has an obligation to see and talk about how this is going/might effect their daughter (not seeing her father) if Liam stays in jail any length of time. So I see no problem with it.

Lol, she has an obligation to Kelly, not to Hope's husband. They are co-parents, so unless this visit is about Kelly's well being, there's no need for her to be there. I see no problem IF her fiance is going with her. :whistle

As I said her obligation is to her daughter. I never said her obligation was to Liam. But as Kelly’s parents they need to talk about how this is going to affect their daughter. So again I see no problem with it and I’m sure neither does Finn :cool

Nah....her focus should be on her life with Finn and her new baby..and of course, Kelly too. And that's it. IMO. :cool

Yeah… And her focus will be on her life with Finn and their beautiful baby boy no doubt about that :cool Again as Kelly’s parents they need to have a talk about their daughter and how this is going to affect her. That’s about it.:cool

And Finn is a soon to be Kelly's step father, so he should be involved by going with Steffy..IF she must visit Liam. :cool

Maybe or maybe not. Maybe he has to work maybe not I don’t know or maybe he just trusts his fiancé but this viewer still does not have a problem with it. I thought you said “and that is it” :whistle but whatever :cool

Trust his fiance? She actually had cheating sex with Hope's husband recently. :rofl

Well Hope trusts her cheating husband now doesn’t she? Didn’t he recently had cheating sex with his ex? :rules

Even more of a reason Finn shouldn't trust his cheating fiance visiting Liam without him being there. Thanks for proving my point. :cool

I didn’t prove your point at all. My point was Finn trusts Steffy and Hope trusts Liam. That was my point.




:cool :-D

Again right back at cha :cool :-D

Got it the first time. :cool

Could have fooled me. Oh well :cool


Shown on screen, Steffy blackmailed Bill. Yet, she told Ivy (and Liam too) that “blackmail is a crime”. Per Steffy’s own words, she IS a criminal cuz she has blackmailed.

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