SOD Spoilers next week (Spoilers)

PatriotGirl @, 6/11/2021, 3:03PM(54 days ago) @BellaSole

Steffy is engaged to Finn, claims to want a life with him, and is about to have his baby (it's his for now) in a month or so. She should go to see Liam with Finn, or if Finn isn't available, she should call Hope and ask to come along to visit with her. She should not be seeing Liam alone. (I know a guard will be watching Liam, and he and Steffy will be separated by glass, but still, they can converse privately. They should not be having any private time together.)

Private time in a jail? They aren't having a conjugal visit for heaven's sake! What on earth are they going to talk about besides how are you coping and what do we tell Kelly when the time arises? :drunk

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