SOD Spoilers next week (Spoilers)

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Totally agree with you. Steffy hasn't moved on from Liam at all. One word from him and it would be "Finn who?" Steffy is just using Finn.

Well, it wouldn't surprise me to see Finn blames Liam only..when finds out that his fiance willingly went to jail to see Hope's husband. Finn is a wimp who won't stand up to Steffy.

what is the big deal here? Liam is Kelly's father

Is Kelly hurt? Steffy only needs to speak to Liam when it's something to do with Kelly and that's it. They are co-parents only.

they need to work out how to tell kelly liam is in jail if it comes to that. i think it is very reasonable

She's also engaged to be married to Finn. I wonder if Finn even knows she went to see Hope's husband. :whistle

Hope's husband is Kelly's dad. And I dont think Finn would be worries about that at all.

The spoiler said an emotional Steffy..my issue is that she's probably still in love with Hope's husband while engaged to Finn that she claimed to love. I find her Liam visit unnecessary to be honest.

It's totally unnecessary. She just can't stay away from Liam.

To give him pictures of Kelly? To talk about how Kelly is doing? Don't forget - Steffy and Liam are friends too. As long as Steffy doesn't get involved with Liam's case, she is not crossing any boundaries.

Liam hasn't even gone on trial. It's unclear yet how long he'll even be in jail. If he was convicted and sent to prison I could see her sending pictures of Kelly. But he's only been there a day or two. And she certainly doesn't need to hand deliver them.

Steffy can send pictures through justin or Hope. Is Steffy visiting Bill in jail? Isn't Bill her friend? Doesn't she care about Kelly's grandfather? We'll see...

They don't need to be friends. They've been avoiding each other since their infedelity, and there's no reason to physically see Liam in jail that has to do with Kelly. :roll

Exactly. They don't even know yet how long Liam will be in prison.. There is no need for him and Steffy to work out yet how Kelly will be told. They haven't even told Beth and Douglas yet.

That's true. If there's anyone to tell, it's Douglas. He's the one that picks up on the most. Kelly does not have to be told her dad is in freaking jail. She's just four. Tell her daddy is out of town. Very simple until they know more. Hell, Steffy's been out of town for weeks herself. If she says Daddy is on vacation, Kelly will get it. I don't see what she'd need a face-to-face conversation with Liam for that for. She can tell Justin to have Liam call her from jail since Liam hasn't felt the need to do so himself.

I wonder why Liam hasn't thought once to check on Steffy or Kelly, but Steffy needs to go check on him? Has he asked about them once?

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