SOD Early Editions (Spoilers)

xenalwless, 6/11/2021, 12:48PM(6 days ago) @Drangonfly

Well precisely, they could start developping his past,no need for him to be related to anyone. So much could be done with them, so many drama and challenges that don't include cheating, abuse or proping lope. A solid couple that faces whatever life throws their way, together.So many fans came up with so many stories for SINN/Steffty that don't include lope and proping lope. If we could come up with so many stories,I expect a so called talented professional writer to be capable of doing the same, even better.A few suggestions made by the fans:

Steffy goes dark and only have that soft spot for her daughter, mother, & brother. Let her go back to hating Logans, & begin blaming Ridge & Eric for allowing their reign of terror & use Bill’s love to crush EVERYONE, even Bill... at first.

Steffy goes dark and meets her biological grandfather Massimo and leaves Forresters to work with him.

-Bring in a new hot guy that blows all the rest outta the water and let Steffy have a new life with new hot guy(Finn)

Kelly end up being Bills freeing her completly ftom liam.Need the real Steffy back.

-Become the independent, bad-ass that she used to be. She doesn't need either Liam Or BILL. Raise her baby on her own while dating having fun,

-Steffy meets and becomes friends with a mysterious redhead, not realizing that it is in fact the woman who kidnapped her as a child: Morgan DeWitt. Eventually Morgan snaps & holds Steffy hostage; ultimately she is saved by Thomas, Finn & Taylor!

-Steffy and Katie doing whatever, like get Revenge on the Spencer men

Steffy begins receiving mysterious messages, which lead her & Taylor on an adventure to Morocco where they discover that Phoebe has been alive, & held by Prince Omar, this entire time!

And so many more

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