SOD Early Editions (Spoilers)

IW, 6/11/2021, 12:00PM(6 days ago) @Drangonfly

Because Liam's stock value is equal to zero if Steffy isn't interested in him.They need her to prop him and lope.

Hope and Liam have been in this huge story for months now, with no help from Steffy. No propping needed. But Sinn sure do need propping. All they ever do is exchange I love you's. That's their entire story.

Who says this Hope and Liam story isn't working? That's not what I'm seeing. The ratings have been increasing for weeks now, with this big storyline..., and Steffy wasn't anywhere around. I see a lot of people debating over what happened to Vinny and arguing about what will/should happen to Lope, predicting what will happen. This means the story is working well and frankly, Steffy wasn't needed at all so far.


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