SOD Spoilers next week (Spoilers)

kizilay, 6/11/2021, 11:48AM(3 days ago) @pspcindy

Uh oh. Trouble in paradise. Finn should be keeping his eyes open. After all the bland "sweet romance" stuff, now Steffy will bring the real emotion. Liam is the one who Steffy really wants.

Even with all his baggage Thomas seems a better option for Hope. But how to dump that piece is trash is the problem when Hope doesn't smell the rot?

How is a lying serial attempted killer, child abusing rapist who used and cheated on dozens of women, the better option for Hope? The guy literally tried to murder her brother in cold blood, praised the man who sold her baby, and tried to kidnap her. She must have very low standards then, if he is her only hope. And I don't see the problem if Steffy still has feelings for Liam here. The father of her baby is in jail for something he didn't do. If she didn't care about his fate, it would be said she is selfish and doesnt love Kelly... smh

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