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What months?It's all about proping them.Otherwise, there is no need to involve Steffy just like there was no need for the ons to be with Steffy, just like STILL's ons wasn't necessary to pave the way for lope...but it had to be at Steffy's expense again.So yeah..instead of using all the stories they could be writing for SINN that isn't about liam/lope proping lope. they get Steffy involved in this ridiculous story, just to prop lope.

That's my point. They have no story that they want to write for Sinn so they put Steffy into Hope and Liam's. It's Steffy that NEEDS a story, not Hope and Liam. Their story is going along just fine, and the ratings for it are good.

If Hope and Liam are already in a huge story and Steffy is in no story at all, then how on earth is it Steffy that's doing the propping? She's the one that currently NEEDS the propping, so she can be in a story.

That so-called huge story only exists because of Steffy. Because Liam cheated on Hope with Steffy. Because Vinny tampered with Steffy's test. That's because Steffy drives story. Hope doesn't. Hope reacts and cries after stuff happens.

Steffy was off screen because her actress (JMW) was literally on ML and her character had just had a happy reunion. She's only been back two weeks. Of course Sinn have a story. It practically writes itself (arrival of a baby and the wedding). But that would take the focus away from Liam. The Liam character NEEDS Steffy. That's just the way it is.

Lope wouldn't even have a story if Steffy and Liam hadn't slept together. Jacqui is a Lead Actress Emmy WINNER and an nominee this year. She doesn't need propping lol.

Yes, Steffy has been angst for Lope.

No. Liam cheating on Hope with Steffy is not angst. It's Steffy having to prop them because they have no story without her. It's the Liam character needing Steffy because she's that popular. Liam and Hope's so-called story doesn't count because Steffy could not be on screen. The actress was not available during that period.

Jacqui is a LEAD ACTRESS who can achieve greatness in one scene. She's nominated again :love

Liam and Hope had stories when Steffy character wasn't even on the show. They don't need her for anything.
Steffy is used for angst. She was used for Bill and Katie, Jackie and Owen, Liam and Hope. She needs others to give her a story.

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