SOD Spoilers next week (Spoilers)

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Thomas is stunned after his confrontation with Liam. My guess is Liam gave him the martyr "I'm more than willing to spend my life in prison because of what I've done" speech take care of Hope, Beth and Douglas.
-Bill lashes out at Justin and Wyatt. - I can hear it now "Justin get my son out of here", "Wyatt you better not run my company into the ground"
-An emotional Steffy visits Liam in jail. - Steffy should have some compassion for Liam being in jail after all he's the father of her child that may go to prison. They have known each other for awhile so of course she cares and will always care and love Liam. Steffy has moved on romantically with Finn and there are comments about Steffy sexing up Liam if she had the opportunity again. Steffy enjoys sex and being loved who doesn't. Yes she should as Hope puts it should make herself less present in Liam's life. Not trying to justify! Steffy herself said she's messy.
-Quinn is shocked when Carter suggests they come clean. - I think it's a good idea, but isn't that what the writers have been doing showing conflicted morals in difficult situations to see where everyone nets out.
Quinn asks Paris to keep quiet - Money power and love is her motivation. I think Eric treated Quinn terribly and should take responsibility as well as Quinn in the affair.

SOD Dailies

Tuesday, June 15
Liam asks Thomas for a favor and Thomas tells Hope about it.

Wednesday, June 16
Hope tells Liam not to give up.

Friday, June 18
Thomas wants to help Hope navigate her future.

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