SOD Early Editions (Spoilers)

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Seriously?Steffy had many many times been perfectly ok with a life without Liam. In fact she chose herself and kicked him to the curb, handed him to Hope.Heck when she woke up sober after the ons and saw him, even the possibility of reuniting Kelly's family felt disgusting to her.That's just another example of Bell using Steffy to prop Liam /lope.Steffy showed zero interest in a life with Liam since she chose herself and yet now out of the blue Bell does this...

When did she "kick him to the curb"? When she asked him if there was still a chance for her and Kelly to be with him? Or when she plotted with her evil brother and staged that kiss at the cliff house? Unless it was when she had drugged sex with him and told her brother she wanted a future with him, 5 minutes after Hope annulled her marriage? Or maybe it was when she thought Liam saw his wife kissing Thomas, and immediately jumped in bed with him and confessed a life with him still seemed possible?

It's not "kicking to the curb" if 5 minutes later the person is asking is there is still a chance :roll . Yes, Steffy was upset when she walked in on Liam kissing Hope in the dressing room. For a brief moment, she sounded like she accepted it and moved on. But that flew out of the window fast.

Felt disgusting to her? Is that why she told Liam that night of sex with him was unforgettable and a beautiful moment she'll cherish forever? Is that why she said being in his arms felt so good and confessed he is always going to be the one for her? She didn't feel disgusted to me. :whistle Nothing about Steffy and Liam is out of the blue.


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