SOD Spoilers next week (Spoilers)

Vik., 6/11/2021, 12:26AM(7 days ago) @Drangonfly

Thomas is stunned after his confrontation with Liam.
-Bill lashes out at Justin and Wyatt.
-An emotional Steffy visits Liam in jail.
-Quinn is shocked when Carter suggests they come clean.
Quinn asks Paris to keep quiet

SOD Dailies

Tuesday, June 15
Liam asks Thomas for a favor and Thomas tells Hope about it.

Wednesday, June 16
Hope tells Liam not to give up.

Friday, June 18
Thomas wants to help Hope navigate her future.

Thomas is moving in fast. :grrr

Why on earth is Steffy visiting Liam?

Thanks for posting!

Probably because Liam gives Thomas his blessing to be with Hope, thinking he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

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