Promo - Quinn and Carter's Secret Is Discovered (Spoilers)

Barbybo, 6/7/2021, 2:03AM(8 days ago) @BBDownunder
edited by Barbybo, 6/7/2021, 2:08AM

They made Paris a yapper ...all about Zoe she will be the I heard you should I spill one..omg here we go tell don’t tell storyline number hundreed by time it’s over Paris will grow her hair long and be next c e o, ridge will have a new gal to flirt with and poor Eric will have past and Quinn will inherit millions but liam will still be cheaten and Hope will be wawa still...tell don’t tell one by one more joining oh my gawd really it will spread like the plague ....til revealed and carter will leave his shirt on and no more sizzling carter and Quinn too bad I mean carter no shirt rocks it..

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