Spoilers for June 7, 2021 (Spoilers)

BBDownunder, 6/6/2021, 8:45PM(11 days ago) @Dee8

Is it too much to ask that Thomas takes his kid back and starts raising him solo, Immediately after learning what happened?
I think everyone knows how this is going to in period Liam is outta jail/ exonerated.
Bill Will also walk away. The stakes never go anywhere.

The last time the stakes are really high with consequences/ a pay off for the drama...was when the forresters lost FC to Brooke, years later, to Bill and Finally...when Steffy got it back and Katie knew that Steffy had something on Bill.

it would probably be a big upheaval if he took doug away and besides its Hope who was raising him, i domt think Liam had much of an impact

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