Quinn's secret will be revealed during Flatt's wedding?

Viola, 5/16/2021, 12:38PM(131 days ago) @PatriotGirl

I saw photos of Eric's mansion and people were all dressed fancy including Shauna. First I thought that it will be Steffy's and Finn's wedding, but Sinn will probably marry in Malibu and something tells me that Shauna wouldn't be invited to their wedding anyway... Could it be that during Wyatt's and Flo's wedding someone like Zoe will just show up and spill the tea about Quarter?

I don’t think that is a Flatt wedding. Most likely it is a vow renewal for Queric because a reveal during that would be much more dramatic. I hope Brooke wouldn’t ruin her niece’s wedding for her own selfish reasons. Zoe is another story, she only thinks about what Zoe wants.

I think you are right. Now when I think about it a vow renewal makes sense. I actually hope that whatever the occasion it won't be Brooke who reveals what happened. Kiara exits B&B so her character should do it. Especially because Quinn betrayed their friendship. It has little to do with Brooke.

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