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Riley, 5/4/2021, 8:38AM(41 days ago) @BoldReason

I think you're a little harsh on Eric. Yes, he cheated on Stephanie with Beth over 30 years ago, but that was solely an emotional affair, it was never consummated, and he was never unfaithful for "years". People also tend to forget that Stephanie hadn't been faithful to him either. She had a short affair with Clarke even before Eric got involved with Beth. The problems in their marriage had never been only his fault.

He also didn't take Donna from Thorne. Thorne had already left her before Eric ever got interested in her.

And as ridiculous as it looked when he was hiding on the ledge, this was part of a much more complex storyline than an adulterous affair. That scene had nothing to do with infidelity or with him being afraid of losing Stephanie, like Quinn is afraid of losing Eric if he finds out about her night with Carter.
Eric had already left Stephanie months before because of her actions that led to Brooke's rape, and everyone - including Stephanie herself - knew he had fallen in love with Donna in the following weeks. The only reason Eric and Stephanie weren't divorced yet was that Stephanie refused to sign the papers when she returned to LA, scheming to get him back by blackmailing Donna into rejecting Eric's proposal and breaking up with him in exchange for Storm's freedom.
But Eric sensed that something was wrong when Donna told him she wanted out of the relationship, made her open up about Stephanie's blackmail and persuaded her to just pretend they had broken up, so Stephanie would believe her scheme was working and Storm could still be free. That's when the scene with him hiding on the ledge happened.

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