Quinn and Zoe spoiler pic (Spoilers)

Barbybo, 5/4/2021, 8:37AM(3 days ago) @BBDownunder

Quinn looks a bit nervous. I would write that she looks guilty if I believed that she has a conscience. She's just tense because she is subconsciously scared that everything will come to light and she will lose her rich husband. I find it so ironic that Zoe decided to trust Quinn. Zoe saw Quinn preparing a prank on Paris and didn't realize that she's evil? Paris didn't do anything to Quinn or Zoe. She harmed her for the pure pleasure of harming a nice person. Zoe thinks she is special to people? What a joke... She's getting exactly what she deserves.

i have no sympathy for zoe either

I ain’t a fan but does she look like she would have trouble getting men they allways write the gals desperate on this show

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